My dirty little (reality) secret


I have a confession to make. A dirty little secret to share. I’m slightly ashamed, slightly embarrassed to admit it… I’ve undertaken an activity I often mock. An activity I often think I’m slightly above. But it has happened. I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am completely obsessed with watching MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT.


Oh My God… reality TV at its bloody finest. People living together, bitching together, getting to know one another, trying for a chance at love… or just reality stardom…?… tense meetings with family members, awkward moments on dates where you physically cringe at their utter social incompetence… Married at First Sight has it all!

Apparently this show is in its fourth season… I barely noticed the other 3, although I remember having discussions with friends along the lines of…  how in the world is it legal to marry someone you don’t know… but illegal for same sex couples to marry in Australia? Seriously, WTF, but… that’s a discussion for another time!

I’m morally against this ‘social experiment’ yet I want to watch it… what is wrong with me?

So, there you go… my dirty little secret is out… I’m somewhat (ashamedly) obsessed with this show. I don’t know why I started watching it in the first place. Maybe I saw a commercial with the groom on horseback, the twins wearing exactly the same dress or the hashtag #runawaybride…. And just had to know more. These TV editors know a thing or two about hooking their audience.

I rarely watch TV at its actually screening time… thanks to those lovely apps like 9Now… I can watch it whenever I like. And for someone unknown reason, one night, in bed, feeling a bit unfulfilled by my current book, I scrolled through the popular shows on my iPad, tapped, and was hooked.

I’ve watched 18 episodes… so that’s over 20 hours or my time wasted watching the lives of strangers unfold on television. Why am I doing it? I just have to know if Simon’s haircut has won Alene’s heart, and if Susan and Sean can overcome their lifestyle difference to end up together because they are just so in love. And, to mock the absolute ridiculousness that is Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones. What a loser. Biggest tossbag I’ve seen on TV in years. They made him out to be the poor victim who didn’t get a chance at love due to his bolting bride in episode 1… but now… I want to send him to finishing school, or home to his Mum to learn how to treat Women with respect… and not blame verbally abusing his ‘wife’ on Boys night!


Clearly I’ve got a problem. I’m too involved… I can’t just stop watching, I have to wait it out to the end of the season. Then… I’m banned. No more reality TV. If I start, I can’t stop!

This seems to happen to me once every 12 months… last year I couldn’t get enough of The Biggest Loser Families… There was something about seeing these families with member just as overweigh as each other, tear each other down and find excuse after excuse to not change their lives! Wait… that was just the blue family… it was pretty rewarding to see the others, especially the young guys, and the ones with kids, to turn their lives around and become good role models for the other obese people in our society… see… here I go again. I know too much. You can see… I was obsessed.

Those faces… of sisterly love?

And the thing is… I don’t condone realty TV! I think it’s a waste of time… I could be reading so many more books, or WRITING… but instead I go brain dead and watch other peoples lives play out in front of me on the big screen. I guess that’s the point of it… to switch off, not think and find a way to laugh, relax, and realise your life ‘aint so bad compared to others? Haha. I don’t know… I love to think… I love teaching about thinking… but sometimes a gal needs a good dose of trashy TV, and when it is paired with a bag of Cobs Salty and Sweet popcorn, then my day is done!

The bomb

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