Winner, winner, SOBA noodle dinner!

So, not quite chicken… but an awesome, quick, throw together dinner for your toddler that is highly nutritious and mighty tasty!

If you, like us, still can’t manage to eat dinner at the same time, this is an excellent recipe for you. Why? well, prep and cook time total about 10 minutes, and, there is a handy snack waiting for your husband when he gets home as he just CAN’T wait an hour to have his dinner. Seriously… when do the grown mean stop eating like teenagers?

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Do you like my balls?

Protein balls, bliss balls, energy bites, whatever you like to call them, they are definitely the in snack or go to ‘treat’ for adults and kids alike. And the best thing about these ‘treats’, is that, if made well, they are a very healthy alternative to packaged snack foods.

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Manu, Munnins and Muffins

I don’t think my kid realised what kind of jackpot he hit when he scored me as his mum… I’m the lady that always bakes; if you drop over for a coffee or a play date I will have something homemade and fresh to serve. I fill the air with the sweet smells of cinnamon and fruit and every tasty baking combo you can think of. Why? Because I bloody love eating cakes, muffins, biscuits, breads and pastries! I also really enjoy the art of baking.

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