Byron Bay-be

Our little beach adventure is complete. The washing machine is whirring, the fridge is still empty and there are traces of sand everywhere… but it was awesome. Our little guy was such a terrific traveler, minus a few early morning wake ups (which resulted in sleepy snuggles in our bed… which is something I truly adore), and I can’t recommend Byron Bay enough. A great spot for anyone (single, couple, backpacker, family), looking for a beach getaway.

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Toddler travel

Gone are the days when cheap flights were booked on a whim, and packing was always light. Money was saved by having no checked luggage, and you’d pick the flight at any time of day depending on the cost. Oh no… with a toddler, travel takes a different turn!

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Two ladies and a couple of babies

Why don’t you just go in the one car…? asked my husband in his consideration for two cars and two tanks of petrol driving to the exact same coastal destination. Why? Well… how do you suppose we fit 2 car seats, 2 portacots, 2 prams, 2 adult bags, 2 infant bags, a Bumbo, a bath seat, a rocker, 2 lovely ladies and 2 babies is one car? The answer is you can’t. Travelling with babies is both wonderful and difficult. But by gosh it involves a shit load of stuff!

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