Going, going, gone…

It’s happening… it’s actually happening. Those precious moments in the middle of the day where no one calls my name, where no one asks me for a snack, when no one demands I play trains for the hundredth time that day, when I do not have to utter a single word… that exquisite allotment of sequential minutes that lead to up to 2 hours of me time… are slowly but surely fading away. That’s right… my baby boy (not so much a baby anymore), is starting to drop his day nap… and man oh man do I miss it already!

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Make it special

I don’t know if it’s just my kid, or just boys, or just toddlers, but my 2 year old seems to eat constantly. No more than 15 minutes after a breakfast full of porridge and fruit he is asking for ‘more yums?’ I think this is the phrase he says most… along with ‘Mumma cuddle?’ From the moment he wakes in the morning until his midday nap he seems to be on a non-stop snack attack. And although I feel like I am cooking ALL THE TIME, sometimes we just run out of homemade muesli bars, muffins, slice, fruit, toast, crumpets… etc! So, what do you do…? You make something that as a stand-alone food, is nothing much, and just give it a new name.  The husband poured his newest snack idea in a bowl and handed it over to Raff exclaiming that he could have some Special Chippies!

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Last Friday was a bit of a shit day. I tried to go the gym in the morning, a gym I hadn’t been to before, a nice, local kid friendly one with a play area and lots of other mums. My friend, our offspring and I were going to try a circuit class together.

I was sceptical about how Raff would cope, but optimistic. I’m so eager to get some more exercise (other than walking) into my week that I thought, I’ll just give it a go.

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Don’t forget you

I’ve been lucky in a way… my transition into parenthood was fairly smooth; for medical reasons I had a planned cesarean, so no traumatic birth for me to anguish over. Although I was sleep deprived in those cloudy first 3 months, I know now I had a pretty good night sleeper in my hands, and even though I had days when I felt sad or teary, I didn’t suffer from Post Natal Depression. Yet, it wasn’t until this last weekend away with some glorious friends that I realised how much I needed some Non-Mum time. How much I realised I desired the company of friends who knew me before I was a Mum, and how its ok to say to each other, life is pretty hard sometimes.

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Time is Turning Two

Time can feel like it slows down, speeds up, or moves at a pace uncommon with our human world at different points in our life. Just ask Shakespeare… sad hours seem long… although he was writing words of young lovers waiting for the chance to meet again, it sure does ring true for mothers of newborns… the constant feeding, changing, burping and trying to get them to sleep… the days, hours, minutes and seconds can feel like that bloody lamb chop song… this is the song that doesn’t end… yes it goes on and on my friend… we thought waiting for a phone call or text from a boy we kind of liked as a teenager was an excruciatingly long process… the hours seemed to drag… and then we experienced witching hour with a newborn and began counting down the minutes until our baby daddy got home.

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Winner, winner, SOBA noodle dinner!

So, not quite chicken… but an awesome, quick, throw together dinner for your toddler that is highly nutritious and mighty tasty!

If you, like us, still can’t manage to eat dinner at the same time, this is an excellent recipe for you. Why? well, prep and cook time total about 10 minutes, and, there is a handy snack waiting for your husband when he gets home as he just CAN’T wait an hour to have his dinner. Seriously… when do the grown mean stop eating like teenagers?

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